My Story

It was early December, 2011 when Randy's mom handed us a Scentsy Catalogue and asked if we'd like "one of these candle things" for Christmas. My first reaction was, no way!, we just didn't need any more candles.  Thankfully Randy thought differently.   We got our gift early and we are so glad we did.  As soon as that warmer was in our home, coupled with our first scent "Just Breathe" , we knew this needed to be shared and shared quickly!   I saw a product our family and friends would love as a gift or addition to their home decor, and Randy saw a business opportunity we just couldn't pass up. By the middle of December, Randy and I were signed up and telling everyone.  Looking back, it truly was the best decision we ever made.  In 3 years we have had a lot of "life" hit us.  We, like so many others, have struggled with finances, illness and job loss but the one thing that has kept us going is our belief in this company and the success we will acheive just by being part of it.  In such a short amount of time, we have met so many incredible people; been inspired by so many stories and achieved more than we never thought possible. We've earned incredible incentive trips, free product, awards and recogntion and have built a team of talented indivuduals we now conisder extended family. For me personally, being a Scentsy Indpendent Consultant (now Director) has opened up a world of possiblities and freedoms I never had before.  It's allowed me to tap into a talent I wasn't using to my fullest and and has given me a confindence and pride in my career I never had before.   Honestly, we believe everything happens for a reason and had it not been for that Chirstmas gift, so much of what we are most proud of  today just wouldn't be possible.   <!--endbody-->